doing the James Brown in Burbank

03/15/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

It’s 3:18 in the afternoon and I just realized and remembered I have yet to do today two of the most important things in my life. They are, post here in the Blog, and dance to the music. So here comes this, and in barely the time it takes for the second-hand of a clock on a wall somewhere to sashay around its dancing partner numbers, say, 22 times, I will have done both. Ain’t it good to have goals.

I have done many other things this day, including hanging a bit with my bit-under-the-weather sweetie way earlier; listening at length to my son Cameron call and talk to me from a Missouri park with the kids; having just a wondrous conversation with my best-est pal Gavin in Oakland, where we pondered this question – “What if I don’t have a story about this.” Also – behaved rather psychotically in my room off and on, though I did get a bunch of things done – worthy things – and made my one meal of the day and ate while reading fun baseball stuff, watching fun baseball highlights. Oh, a few ticks ago I switched insurers for my car and saved a fair amount of money, getting to speak with a young woman in Burbank who helped me amazingly. And we even spoke a little Spanish – um, Espanol poquito.

Oops, clock’s doing the James Brown, and now, so must I.