Easy Like Thursday Evening

02/05/2021 1 By BuddyCushman

It’s funny that here just after 8pm I just said to myself, “Well, I didn’t do a thing today”, and yet the facts would bear out that I was busy doing “stuff” and some of it real “important stuff” from the time I pulled myself up from the meditation chair just after 5am until maybe 6pm after I’d set up the kids with their dinners and dropped to the couch to watch Ken Burns’ “Jazz” and dream a little dream about all the writing I didn’t write and all the drawing I did not draw.

I suppose when my head hits the pillow I may count this – this right here – as doing writing today and if I stand up a second and take a charcoal pencil and curve a sweepy line over the top blank sheet of a sketch pad – there… – well, here’s my pillow talk now – “Far out day, Dude.”

This is why they say “Easy does it.”