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12/08/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

I began walking the same early-morning route every day, except Sundays, early last summer. When September came around, and school started again, I amended my steps and cut back toward my neighborhood on an earlier street. Wisely deciding to mostly avoid the realm of tons of kids and lunch pails, moms and dads, and cars – lots and lots of cars – everyone gathering for another day at the Albert Einstein Academy elementary school. Sometimes I think logically.

For some reason – because sometimes I allow myself to be blown about by a great breeze, logic nowhere in sight – early into today’s stroll I told myself do the summer walk. Which I did. Yeah, reams of kiddies, way-cool lunch pails, endless loving mothers and fathers – and all the stopped-in-long-lines cars. Of course, the planet still looks after children, usually, and there are many crossing guards with their “Hang on a minute while these kids safely cross the street” signs. Which, one and one is two, creates the lengthy lines of busy vehicles. All of which left me slightly surprised when I approached the intersection at 30th and Ash and a young woman guard of safe crossings walked out into the middle of the street, dutifully sharing her sign, again, with the day. Surprised as there was not a school-kid in sight.

“For me?” I asked, prancing so freely onto the tar. “Yup,” she said, smiling and escorting me from there to there. I think I said “Wow!” and I know I said “Thanks.” A few yards down the sidewalk I had the thought that maybe it was some kind of cosmic suggestion – perhaps an invitation – I re-enroll in school. A few yards further and this question came – Do we ever really graduate from elementary school?

Of course, I know the answer to that question for me. It just feels fun to chuck it out into today.