falling out and in

08/15/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

It’s nice when people check in on me, which my friend Gavin in Oakland did yesterday – “How you doin’, Bro?” Check-ins. Like Ann’s friend Cory did Sunday morning, “How’s your post-MRI persona, kid?” Ann’s son too, checking in.

All the formal psychiatric testing placing me way down the end of the extrovert to introvert line – don’t seem like a shock there – and with much of the entertainment I find in the day being done-alone material. Not all, but lots.

And yet, I belong to the species human, and there’s simply a nice feeling to know people wonder how I am. My degree of okay-ness. It’s kind of like food for a bodhisattva to grow on.

It’s early, and I looked at this blank space, and remembering how it felt, and feels, nice to be thought about in kindly ways, this fell out.