fifth-grade art

06/05/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

And then Wednesday came around and my mind was like a spider spinning her web and slowly scurrying around in a shaded corner of the big room. That’s ‘The Big Room.’ Reading and writing, and – honest to goodness – even some ‘rithmetic. What’s 12 times 15? What’s 180 into a thousand? Really, really grateful my brain can still do that level of inquiry, with paper and pen. It is cool that I hold a pencil every single morning, currently a 7B sketch pencil, and underline in one or another Zen book, but this morning I picked a library book instead, so it became just ink for the math, kid.

I absolutely leaned into three decisions this morning, and I’m inclined to giddiness, two large coffees lending their hand. It doesn’t take much money at all to be filled with abundance. And the imagination is simply another cool place.