Firefly Future

03/24/2021 1 By BuddyCushman

“Hast thou attuned thy being to humanity’s great pain, O Candidate for Light?” — (Tibetan) Book of Golden Precepts, ed. H.P. Blavatsky

Yeah, I generally think about that quote two, three times a day. Pretty much.

I came upon it early this morning over coffee, reading Peter Matthiessen’s “The Snow Leopard”. Which I’ve been meaning to read a while now, and (Yay) now am.

No doubt “Snow Leopard” will be chock full with questions like the one above, which feels for me within the ‘suit up, show up’ commitment to living life alive on terra firma. Am I paying attention to the rhythm of this living, breathing planet and the fauna on it? And am I devoted to do my part, shine my little light, be the lamp unto the world, to make it a smidge better? To make a good difference?

My honest answer is, Yup, and this is the right where I’m supposed to be thing. And in addition to me checking in with me doing my part, what I dig the most about the opening quote is the “O Candidate for Light”. That’s far out. The light I can and ought to shine. The lamp I hold up against the dark.

One of these days – it’s possible – I’ll become a firefly. Funky fauna.

Hey – Like the song says – “All the world over so easy to see. People everywhere just want to be free.” The pain is when they ain’t.

Hast I attuned my being…….