04/06/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

A calculator full of Thursdays, where even a mathematic dunce like me could gather and add up each one breathing in and back out, so far, through this morning. Like 52 times 74, and change. If I chose to.

There’s a today morning physical ambiance somewhere between dizzy and sleepy, where both may have been contributing factors in falling coma asleep in the recliner, the Morning Pages nearly all written, and suddenly snapping out of it, the way Cher slapped Nicholas Cage in “Moonstruck”, which was and may still be my ex-wife’s favorite movie – how would I know? Though that movie never did anything for me. Not like, say, “The Goonies”, where we’ve got a treasure map for the asking. Big, big dreamers. And a one-eyed pirate.

And one more fun thought: in Oakland via electric wizardry last night, the Koan kids I got to hang with were all philosophical and intelligent and making a lot of of sense in a “break-out” discussion. And there’s me, sharing it was a James Brown “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” experience for me. The last meditation of the day, rather funky and out-of-position, leaning back in the chair. Suiting up, showing up, and goofing off.

Just the way something pictured it.