foxy ladies

09/05/2023 2 By BuddyCushman

Little kid foxes are called kits. If I knew that I forgot I knew it, but on an early walk with Ann, she said she hoped she’d see a fox, which she always says when we walk over the Spruce and Quince Streets bridges. We didn’t see one – and she hasn’t in San Diego yet – but I told her on Quince there was a lady named Barbara something or other who was a nurse in western Massachusetts but lived some of her time on Cape Cod, and she was the most amazing photographer of the foxes on the dunes and in the scrub forests of the Cape. When we got back home I opened Facebook and found Barbara, and we scrolled seemingly forever through her wonderful fox photos.

And in one of the captions of a photo of a youngster fox Barbara pointed out that young foxes are called kits.

Two ladies, a bunch of very cool in-the-wild photos, an expanded vocabulary. Hey Tuesday.