going how it goes

04/26/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

I did not go to work at the library yesterday, Briana called out sick. I lost that money. I did have a book sale on Amazon, for which I will receive $4.45 sometime a month or so from now. I went out to coffee with Ann, and we had a nice walk from the coffee shop, stopping at the Mission Hills Nursery, where we got to hang out with the chickens who live there, and I was lucky enough to pat and pet the kitty who graces the place sleeping in a box on one counter or a sleeping pad on another, sometimes outside amidst the plethora of plain clay and colored pots, when the sun shines and the air is warm and sweet.

Here it is Friday and I don’t know if there’ll be work for me or not. I do hope to sell a few more books, encouraging non-readers to buy one as support for a friend and/or the me being followed here in this Blog, perhaps dropping your copy off into a little library. Or giving it to your sister’s kid, or your nephew’s kid, a teenager who’s more my peer group.

While writing my Morning Pages my brain had one of its slips out of normalcy and linear reality – kind of a hieroglyphic, non-sensicle writing filling three notebook pages, and now that situation seems to have passed, and I’m waiting for it to get light out to go on a long early walk and, if I’m lucky, count kitties along the way.