going time

03/28/2022 2 By BuddyCushman

I thought, just now, of an old song – “Who Knows Where the Time Goes”. My first image was of Judy Collins and I went to YouTube and searched and, yes, it’s a Judy song. Back from – here’s another song title from that era – when I was young. A quarter to anyone fauna enough to guess those singers.

Who knows where the time goes? It was 6 am not too long ago, relatively, now it’s 1:59. I’ve had sweet offers, made scary appointments, been tantalized with a few of the days of my youth, I’ve read, I’ve written, I’ve walked, I’ve drank coffee from next store and just made more here. I said to myself – I’d rather drink coffee than eat food. And that funny little theory may have nothing whatsoever to do with colonoscopies and strolls down memory lane, days off from work and, for that matter, playing hokey from my life.

I’m going to play the Judy Collins song in a minute, while the coffee’s brewing, and remember how it was being a rabble rouser back in Salem back in the day. Then I’m going to watch an episode of Grimm, just while the rain finally gets here, read some more from the book of Zen Master Dogen’s writings, and sit real peaceably in the small blue recliner, at one with going time.