got a minute

08/24/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

The title of this post arrived in my Morning Pages. Some of the flock of neighborhood wild parrots just arrived in the very tall decidous tree across the street. A beautiful photo of two elegant giraffes at the Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode island arrived on my Facebook home page earlier, enjoyed by Ann and I.

The long-ago Zen master Dogen said, “Tonight’s moon is not last night’s moon.” How could it be? Those parrots never came swooping in exactly the same way as they did a few minutes ago, and every time I get to sit in meditation what comes and goes and passes through my mind is wildly different from the time before, and the one – so long as I get to keep on keeping on – coming.

That’s where I was much earlier this morning. The freshness of right now. Something bothering me in the middle of the night wasn’t bothering me any more. Like the moon, just like those parrots, the way giraffes in confinement find dangling leaves to nibble on – this corner, then that corner – I’d moved on.

Tina Turner and Creedence. Big wheel keep on turning.