green bells in Washington Square

11/26/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Hi, hedge wacky, that’s what I got called some other time and place, you could say galaxies, that’d be close, systems, Brah, and this is a Friday with (a) morning fast, so’s it makes clear sense that the mind is all about food – low-fat, high-fat, carb-less, so healthy, green, veggies, butters which sooth in moderation but, honestly, when’s there ever moderation when it comes to me and a plastic jar of almond or sunflower spread, like, Dude, you got no brakes, of course, the mind says, you’re strong, you’re powerful, you have the will and the intention and the vow to skip that edgy stuff and stay straight on with keto friends, for instance a sweet brekkie of eggs and cheese and something green cooked up and water and call it a day, call it a morning specifically, and going back a sentence or two, if I do have the vow and the will and the intention then (I’ll) do what I said I’d do and skip breakfast and be a fast-er through the day until dinner and if I’m successful at that, a big “if” the way my mind’s dancing with all things a.m. tasty, but if I arrive at the five o’clock whistle with nary a new morsel in my tummy or other areas of the lower track, well, cutting open a new bag of peanuts will be okay, hopefully I’ve remembered the weigh-in on the big empty and it’s accommodating, at least kind and friendly enough, so it may be two spicy sausages and a host of grilled peppers and since I saw the YouTube on safer foods the other day and I discovered red and yellow peppers have, no, are down the road in the natural sweetening process, means green peppers and least tasty why they’re cheapest, but in the healthy arena they have the least natural sugar and all the fiber and even maybe a smidge of protein benefits – ain’t got no fat, I’ll get that elsewhere though I think a lot of my fat comes with breakfast, fortunately I’ve lingered over heavy cream lightened early coffee so there is at least some and a sausage or two will have more plus serious protein and I do read the labels, study harder than when in college, so I know what’s best and of course the way the world goes the best stuff is often the most boring in terms if lighting up fun taste buds, but like switching myself away from Almond butter, to be clear not refusing or abstaining, just not every time, like every third time now, two parts sunflower to one part almond butter, of course if I didn’t swill a third of the jar each time, or more, it would be less of a carbohydrate issue but I do so this gets right back to I will try frying up the green pepper, at least with the one or two sausages, serious mustard coming which I believe all by its lonesome is good for me and has no bad stuff,

and for all I know I may be shockingly surprised to find that green bell peppers sautéed in olive oil along with sausage juices and possible the wicked safe and friendly salt and pepper combo, maybe it’ll taste great, now that I allow my mind to open to possibility I’m flashing back on my first trip into North Beach in SF with Ruth and we stopped at that (deli) place where you pick your own roll and I ordered Italian sausage and pepper, which right here my mind’s eye says were green, not easy or not (being green), and with their mustard, not so cool (mustard) as mine, and we walked over to Washington Park and either sat on a bench or on the grass and I remember being thrilled how good it tasted, then we went into the Peter and Paul Church, which I do every time I’m right there in my fave part of the city, more than the Haight, children, and the church is beautiful and I do a flimsy but heart-felt meditation sort of thing while in there, all this is a remembering that the peppers were green and wicked good so the plan is cast, the die is made, say it all cool versions, tonight’s dinner, following – please oh please more coffee and that’s it, will be a single or two sausages, a pan of olive oil being gentle and encouraging and it’s certain persistent in transforming and morphing a hard green bell into something more (softly) luscious, and one of the avocados will be ripe enough, already a dream – save the last of the green peppers for Saturday scrambled breakfast, and I can’t think of anything else though there is that huge bag of mixed Monday-night San Marcos veggies and sooner or later I chuck it all or I begin eating, but I’ll need the big frying pan and that’s already – kid time – “hosied” for the main course,

so it’ll probably be what I already said and then desert of my sugar-less chocolate, to which I’m life-long (since discovered after Keto) devoted and now, with no prior Friday food, permission to what will no doubt be too many peanuts and I was going to type way too many peanuts but I’m trying to be positive and have a bit of faith in my own ability to reign in entertainment foods and stupid, tummy-expanding and not in a friendly way amounts of them, but it could happen and I’ll be eating right here at the desk at the computer at the monitor with Cowboy Bebop or a movie of my selection and I said the other day – another self-promise and if I can’t go all that way I’ll describe at least my wish – to only watch and read new things because there are so many of those so how do I justify, with flying time and the creek not rising so far – how do I choose old over new, yet look at Thanksgiving yesterday, watched two whole movies, one with each meal of the day, and I’d seen them both before, which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy and possibly even love them – I did – but,

maybe there’s another comment on the kid’s serious willpower questionability, like, if you got it share it and show it, Holmes, but you know what – if these are the worst I do in any day I’m given, I’m cool. And yes, I want to lower Triglycerides and raise HDL and I can, but this is the full-circle of doing what I say, see I’m right back here and we’ve traveled into San Francisco’s Washington Square and I can’t remember where else but right here, and danced with green bell peppers and if this is one of the highlights of my Friday – I’m so good,