here’s where you’ll find me this morning

02/04/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

I woke up this morning a gathering of aches and pains – my right arm dangling, as if I slept on it funny, or maybe I didn’t sleep at all. I felt more tired than when I went to bed five and a half hours before. My sitting was largely away from ‘this breath’ and with what was going to happen the next three days. I read a line, “It’s always now”, with coffee, a pinch below my heart, a sense I gained six pounds while sleeping, not quite so focused as most coffee-time mornings. Thinking – some small judging – that while I was sitting my mind was not “It’s always now”, but flying through 72 hours ahead – sort of presumptuous of me – and coming to realize my not in the now was, of course, entirely ‘that now’.

Silly goose.

So, judgement eased off, it’s just my achy right arm and here I am again – another dawn – more practice time and life time and joy time. And that feels like a wrap.