hold me now

07/06/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

This will take way too many words to say what I’ve been thinking about all morning. So, perhaps this becomes the first attempt at my original shorthand:

Get a witness. Marvin Gaye. Grand Funk. Temps and Stones and Stevie and Supremes, and who knew? The first great vow – wake (all) the beings of the world. Ain’t me doing the waking, goofball, me holding the beings in my heart. They wake themselves, there, milieu of witness. AA says ya gotta give it away to keep it. Thoreau, at the Pond, offers the ultimate kindness for people is let them help us out. Here’s me, learning, I don’t fix stuff by trying to fix stuff. Nah – stand in witness, everyone’s capable.

My posse girl Lingzhao says each single blade of grass is shining with the light.

My best friend Dr. Doug Martin would call me in Massachusetts from LA and simply says, “Bud. Thompson Twins.” Two mirrors facing each other. Witnessing.