11/08/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

– It’s Monday morning and I’m on a sick day from the San Marcos kids. That makes me sad, not losing the money, because the Universe has been crazy generous with me. I’ll miss the kids, that’s the thing, I like being around them, how do I say this best, it’s a gift, yeah, that feels right. Like, what do we get to do in and with our days? That feels a right question in my 70’s, still here so far and hoping for a while longer which, among lots of things, will let me keep pondering how do I best use this day? Beyond the obvious rejoicing.

So, it’s a gift to get to hang out with the kids a couple times a week, and today I’m not ‘cause I pretty much called in sick yesterday on the communal bulletin board after entering my eighth day of feeling physically big-time wrong. Actually, I went for a Covid test yesterday, a two-prong down-the-throat, up-the-nose at some Kaiser place I was amazed I even found and found my way back from. When the results come back I’ll make my best decisions. I also have a telephone medical appointment mid-afternoon today with some Doctor I’ve never met, which mostly seems like systems acting as if they’re doing their best. But, I don’t know, maybe supply and demand and these times, maybe that is the best and I’m damned lucky to get 10-minutes.

As I said, this is a hooky day for me. And not like good old-time hooky where we skipped school and found a buyer and brought lots of six-packs to White Island and got stupid and jumped in the cold water and dragged each other back to our family homes. This is all-alone, no one to play with, I don’t feel sorry for myself, this is just miss-the-kids-stay-in-my-room hooky. Wait for the test. Be present for the phone call.

Make scrambled eggs and eat an avocado and sunflower spread from Trader Joe’s, which is a place to come looking for me, no matter what state I’m in, if you ever feel for that. If I’m still around. If the sun’s still shining.