I’m in love friday

06/11/2021 2 By BuddyCushman

Kind of a Cure anagram there, if you can dig that.

And coming is stream of consciousness, no available topic, updates to friends including a call from my bosom pal Garden State Mike from over there by the Jersey shore, lost track of time and logged on wicked late to the second Zoom meeting of the day, down in San Diego where I have promised myself my biggest bestest ever presence through the weekend, so one in Encinitas early and one downtown noon and likely number three right by the Pacific over in Ocean Beach later – we locals like to call it OB – and see that last line was what those don’t-take-the-first-drink-which-is-the-only-one-which-can-get-you-drunk folks call “Acting as if”, see, maybe if I act like a local I’ll become one, and to be clear I will invoke voodoo and witchcraft and hoodoo and each and every mystical practice I can conjure up in this righteous pursuit of an SD life, and I don’t know how it’s going to work out, honestly, and I’ve said Oakland CA – a long lost lived-before love of mine – is door number two and I did have an actual non-scammer reply from a guy there yesterday and we went back and forth with emails, visuals and neighborhoods and cool stuff like being able to walk to what’s probably my second favorite Trader Joe’s on the planet from his house and it was left I supplied my tele number and please call so we can talk (kind of) in person, any time after 10 Friday and here it is 1:30 and no Oakland dude call, and while I do not feel like I can’t go on nor do I feel as though all of my hope is gone I am sure hoping he’ll reach out – cause I’ll be there.

Which is a fun, second musical reference to this finger-tapping twist like I did 55 summers ago and with the second round of double coffees in process and within my milieu, here on Kate’s patio on a rainy Oregon day and the forecast is for four more coming, and I have a plan to go to the storage garage and take a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon and bundle up every box tight and properly labeled for shipping down to SD (there’s that “act as if” again) and a stop sometime this weekend to resupply my meager stash of food from my absolute number one favorite Trader Joe’s in Portland, and I get this is your weekend and why bother taking time to read this ramble and I got no good answer for you, but thanks for showing up again, I’m thrilled and wildly grateful every time someone else tells me they’re keeping up with the kid’s comings and (hopefully) down-the-coast goings.

So if you are out there this Friday afternoon – my thanks.