it ain’t brownies

03/23/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I have a Zen Koan teacher. Sarah. She’s out there in Colorado Springs, CO. I’m over here in San Diego, CA. Zoom invites and allows us to look at each other and say back-and-forth stuff once a week for 20 minutes. I donate to her Sangha as part of that arrangement.

I was thinking about brownies a little while ago, how much I once loved brownies, especially if they were gooey with chocolate, also the crispy tops, and even especially-er with a really cold glass of milk. I don’t eat anything that’s the DNA of brownies anymore – flower, sugar, chocolate, packaged stuff – and I don’t drink milk. There aren’t Keto police, not that I know of, but there are plenty of mirrors which invite “How’s it going?” conversations.

Ann has gifted me two wonderful kitties – one’s cloth, one’s I don’t know what it is. One’s made in Indonesia, the other doesn’t say. Cleveland feels like a good guess. They’re both wildly colorful and they both look directly at me the way you’d always hope people would look at you. All-the-way looking. My names for them are Mercedes Marie Hong and Lily Jones Katt. They seem to like it in this room.

The kid who works as a barista next door – his name’s Jayden – brought me back, as a gift, some “Kona” coffee from a recent trip he took to the Big Island of Hawaii. He liked that I had texted him, once he was there, and wished him a happy visit. He texted me a picture taken from his aunt’s patio, gorgeous Hawaii in technicolor.

Last night, and again a while ago, I was watching Temple Grandin videos on YouTube. She’s written a bunch of books and one is titled, “Animals Make Us Human.” That’s for sure the way it is with Mercedes and Lily and Me. Oh, I gave Ann a lion-kind-of-animal whose name is Jeter Max. He’s helping her with the human thing too, I see it, and she’s already an amazing human.

These days, when I want to celebrate all this stuff, I eat an avocado. Also pecans, peanuts, almond butter and Greek yogurt. It ain’t brownies, but it ain’t bad.