‘It’ Don’t Cost Nothing – But ‘That’ Does

02/09/2021 2 By BuddyCushman

I drove my wife Susan and I to the Portland Airport last night where we received our second Moderna vaccine injections. The deal, they say, is it’ll take another four weeks for the vaccine to kick into its highest gear and provide me (us) with the promise of 95% protection from becoming sick with the Covid virus. Beyond that, medical folks say, if I happen to be one of the unlucky five-percent who still manages to become infected, the chances that it will kill me drop to zero, and in fact any symptoms I have will be significantly diminished from never receiving the vaccine. Which is pretty cool, what with me 72-plus years on the planet and a history of bronchial infections, so a prime candidate for death and/or long-term misery.

The two injections, taken over a month’s time, were free. To quote John Belushi in ‘Animal House’ – “It don’t cost nothing.”

Now I would love to think that in a month’s time I’ll be able to hop in the Camry and scoot up to my local coffee shop, sit there sipping dark roast and taking in the coffee shop ambiance which I have not done once for nearly a year now. Roll into Trader Joe’s whenever, shop and mingle freely, not confined to the “senior” shopping hours before the rest of the organic world gets going. Go see a movie, go out to eat at ‘Cheryl’s’ downtown Portland, have breakfast at ‘Grateful Bread’ in Pacific City. Because, ya know, everyone with at least three still functioning brain cells will have taken advantage of the “don’t-cost-nothing-staying-alive-help-save-the-planet” vaccine. Yeah, I would love to think all that. But…….

Can you say “Moron”?

A week or so ago I saw someone post on a social media site the question to their friends and others unfortunate enough to stumble upon that particular web page asking whether or not they were going to “get the vaccine” and did people think “it’s a good idea”. And people were dropping comments of “I don’t know” and “I’m thinking about it” and “No way” and other such medically/intellectually/planetarily goodies. I’d like to be shocked, honest to God shocked. Astounded, thrown for a loop, yell out “I don’t understand.” Yell it loud. Real loud. Mean it.

But I think I do understand. I’ve been alive these last four or so years. Unfortunately I’ve seen and read and been twittered and heard the news. Herd stupidity. I mean, not only are people actively and consciously choosing not to do whatever it takes to save their own lives or the lives of their children, parents, sisters, grandparents, cousins, foster kids, brothers, neighbors, co-workers, hospital staff, cops, postal workers, youth workers, social workers, neighborhood volunteers, clergy, representatives etc etc etc, but some people for some reason I nearly cannot understand feel it’s their duty to keep other people from choosing to vaccinate. Like all those folks who shut down a Dodgers Stadium vaccination opportunity for hundreds maybe thousands of people a couple of weeks ago – all those folks (imho) in desperate need of 15-minutes of Tasing with the Taser dial set on wicked high, followed up with 30 days in the county jail for just generally being an asshole. But hey, that’s me. A boy can dream.

There are people in my personal life, I believe, who are considering not getting vaccinated. Maybe have decided not to. That takes me far beyond sadness. Beyond all that understanding I was talking about. Do I consider them “morons” too? I guess, kind of, I do. If not them as morons, this particular behavior as moronic.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s some kind of twisted live and let live thing.

Or maybe I do know. And I just don’t like feeling so sad.

What I know for sure is my right arm aches a little today. And that’s a good thing. About that – ain’t no doubt.