it only takes a minute, girl

10/19/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

Lately – and by lately I mean the last couple of weeks or maybe couple of months – while moving through my morning routines – and feel free to call them rituals – which pass in this order: a kind of praying, meditation, two coffees and a bunch of books, writing my three ‘Morning Pages’, and out for a fairly long morning walk – lately songs have arrived unbidden in my mind and I’d say heart and for sure soul, and they’ve come in threes. Morning after morning, yeah, out from the blue, three songs have strolled into my life. Most of the mornings upon my return from the walk, and possibly after another sitting time and/or a timed writing, I open YouTube and play them.

I don’t know if you possibly find this the slightest bit interesting – or “Yawns R Us” – but it seems kind of important to me. Not all touchy feely, woo woo, maybe spiritual messages from beyond – but maybe not not that.

Today’s triad of songs (which isn’t the best noun but I like that word) showed up in this order: “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” by Aretha Franklin; Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train”; and “Weekend” by Mick Jackson. Let my just say that “Weekend” was one of my pal Billy MacDonald’s favorite songs, and even though Billy left the planet something like four or five years ago, it’s easy – right here and now – to hear him digging it.

But, “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” arrived on a mission this morning, called up by this pretty much epiphany I had with something I was lost in thought over. I’d like to talk about it, the song’s mission and the epiphany thing, but I don’t believe I will. It’s like a jangle of who’s helped when you help someone, and which direction that little light of mine gets shined, and when my musical life chasing its tail round and round is a wicked good thing.

Like a Tuesday afternoon.