it’s a Monday

01/09/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

It’s a Monday, and I write and post posts here in the Blog weekdays, Mondays through Fridays, every week. In fact since back in January of 2021 through last Friday – every day, every week. Some of you reading here now have been along for much, if not all of that ride. I’m grateful.

A book spilled out from the posts in this Blog – “Weather” – all the daily weekday posts from 1-22-21 through 10/22/21. I don’t remember selling any copies, and there are two mounds on the floor of my closet holding up a vacant cooler and a large collection of surfing magazines. It wasn’t hard to write that book, kind of like raking leaves. There they are, rake ’em into a pile and figure out where to put ’em. In the book’s case, it’s the closet.

Those first nine months of Blog posts covered a lot of distance for and with me. Married in Portland, Oregon. Renting a small room on B Street in San Diego, California. Perhaps 10,000 tears along that path, and a luscious venture into the life of a boogie boarder in the always wondrous Pacific Ocean. I liked Portland a lot for a while, then not so much, then I was encouraged to leave. There was a brief stop in Encinitas before rolling way down to here. A couple of Sundays ago I got to see Mexico for the first time – four or so miles away, from the end of a very cool pier. I’ve come to love San Diego bunches – as a friend would say – and feel fortunate indeed my life has gone the way it has – tears and all.

My sons live in Missouri and Idaho, my sisters live in New Hampshire/Florida and Massachusetts. I’m a California kid. On a Monday night just under three months ago I peeked at a woman sitting in a chair where people had gathered to meditate, and in that time up until this morning she’s become my favorite person, and a partner on a path of wonder and shared growth and joy. Lucky me.

Anyway, it’s late morning here. It’s a Monday, there’s another rain storm coming tomorrow, I get to hang out with my new bestie a little later today, and a while ago I realized I’d kind of zoned on this Blog. So, I came here without a thought in my head and typed “It’s a Monday”, and now all this has showed up. Writing’s pretty cool, and let me add that I’m on a resolved mission to learn to speak Spanish, to begin painting again, to publish one of my two works of fiction which have been dangling and collecting dust about five years now, and to maybe try some (chair) yoga, even the real deal – I’d really, really like to keep my body and mind as creaky-free for as long as I can, especially now there’s someone to share it with. I think that’s some of why my two index fingers love this dance over the keyboard.