I’ve been thinking

02/17/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

I’ve been thinking about my life this morning – I always do – but more honed in with specifics, particularly while typing in a timed writing exercise (25:25). Facts and memories and vibrant visuals of there, then, them, co-worker kids in Venice Beach and kids I was there for in North Reading High School, and all my time with Susan, and working at a MacDonald’s in San Clemente and crashing with Nicky and Heather at UC Irvine and crashing with Kevin and Allison on – haha – California Street in Newburyport, me falling into the title of “Assistant Editor” at the Daily News, raising up Cape Ann girls high school sports coverage to some elevated, nearly spiritual place (and I believe I got there at times).

Covering high school sports in Orange County, CA, a girls tennis tournament in Laguna Beach, awards in Capistrano Valley, and a world of foster care kids in Portland, OR. Bus rides, bus rides, bus rides, and car drives back and forth, sacred Interstate 44, lately the remarkable 5, Zeppy’s Pizza and Blondies Pizza and corner pizza in Lowell, MA. Nine-mile Merrimack River runs and endless commutes through Boston, my sons and a funky first marriage. This-year’s heartbreak, like there’s nothing else but it in the world.

A million concerts at the Boston Tea Party and Strawberry Fields outside Toronto. The Durant Hotel in Berkeley with Dr. Doug Martin, volunteering at the Westside Center for Independent Living in West LA, crashing on Doug’s floor, crashing on Judy Heumann’s porch, crashing with Bob and Anne in El Cerrito, crashing with Chris and jeano in Melrose, crashed out nearly everywhere, dunk, sober, and this morning awake in San Diego.

Which is some of it. Today’s weather.