12/09/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

It’s raining out there today. It rained Tuesday, some, and it made for gorgeous, sparkling visuals and ambiance on morning and afternoon walks yesterday. Big life. Now it’s raining again, pretty good in terms of degree of rain, for these parts, and the forecast is for rain all day, so imagine how lush tomorrow will be when, hoping I wake up again, I walk these Golden Hill streets early and over in Ocean Beach middle of the day. ‘Breathtaking’ won’t exaggerate it.

I have planned much reading today. There’s always hope I come here, again – the keyboard – over and over and wait with love and kindness toward myself for the right words, to whichever story or tale or report they belong. Me just being me, with ancient language, fun verbs, my own special lingo. Maybe a day of rain opens such a door.

There is generally not much rain in San Diego, most often none, and tomorrow the sun will find trees and cacti and rainbows of blooming flowers expressing their wild gratitude. Life enhancer. Life encourager. Juice.

Maybe that will be me all day too, today, with my reading glasses, my piles of books and surfing magazines, my two gravity-induced index fingers. Like, brought to you by….