Just after six

06/09/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

It’s just after six Tuesday night. Somehow the plans to write an early afternoon post got scuttled. Actually, I’m sure I could relate in detail pretty much exactly how that happened – Bad phone call with perspective roommate – a big “No.” Lost touch with angel offering two weeks from which to reconnoiter locally (not Oregon) for a new place, no one taking me serious about a rented room from a 1000(s) miles away. He simply vanished. Longer walk than usual exhaustion. Noon Zoom from downtown somewhere. Wondrous phone call with a favorite old high school classmate, about a zillion years since last talk. Lots in common, some bad, lots good (mostly attitude and viewpoints of what’s important, what with the numbers on our birth certificates.) Second crazily long walk during long tele call with long-ago college (Salem) roommate, updates and chuckles and dizzying whirls around a lopsided Milwaukie track.

Oh, did I mention the potential job interview, like, yikes, the kid going back to work at this stage of the game!

Somehow, every one of these actions, activities, day-dreamings, updates, calls happening and calls unanswered – somehow they are directly tied together. Kind of a go figure.

What I meant to write about, and I decided this yesterday after moving Spenser to his new home – and hearing he and his new clan were gonna be off to Idaho this morning – I decided I was going to share what’s been going on in my mind and no doubt my soul about the always fun question of “Now what?” Then all this stuff happened and the minute hand giggled its speedy way around the dial and here it is 6:27 and this is the best I’ve got.

I promise tomorrow I’ll spill the beans. Pinto or refried.

At least I hope I do. Keep that promise.