Just this

03/17/2021 2 By BuddyCushman

My wife transferred me $1400 from our joint account to my personal ‘Shares’ account today, free government money, earned being a good citizen.

There’s a dark grey rabbit hanging out in our yard pretty much all the time these days.

My son in Missouri Paypaled me a bunch of money I’d lent him back in the fall to get moved and into his new house, ready for the family coming interstate, which they successfully did. My grandkids.

I received a referral from my primary care doctor for a colonoscopy.

I went for a walk early in the 30 degree cold, and I paid attention all over the place and felt physically in a pretty good 72-year old place when I got home just before 10 am.

I’ve been reading the ‘Selected Letters of Langston Hughes’ and read a bunch of that this morning, with coffee.

I watched two episodes of “Bosch” by myself on the living-room couch during dinner – frozen Trader Joe meatballs and an olive salad, 100% chocolate and cashews for desert, then a cup of Trader Joe French Roast decaf. That was really good. Then I did the family dishes.

My wife’s got the couch now, watching a tv show in French, with subtitles. I’m in the basement, here, reporting on the weather,

The Tuesday weather.