Keep an eye on summer

07/19/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Me being lazy, scoffing up one of my favorite Beach Boys songs for today’s title. The Blog titles have seemed way less important lately, compared with the stuff.

Today, Monday, scooting past mid-July, I’m lazy and in fact have come here without my usual pizzazz to begin banging the keys with both index fingers and see what shows up. I’m kinda like the Blog readers – I wonder what this bozo’s gonna lay on us today?

But this Monday I’m a little logy – I love that word, personally – logy – my wife used to laugh every time I used it but it was always flat-out electrically accurate as a describer to me. And I’m there today. Logy. (And wife-less)

However – I’m going to set the timer on my phone for five minutes in a sec and then just do the dodah and shine on like the crazy diamond I sometimes think/wish I am. Okay phone, five minutes. Go…….

My main man Keith, formerly of P’town, formerly of Malibu, currently brownstone-sitting in the West Village and selling his so unique and mystical art on a sidewalk table, he reached out via text way early this a.m. and asked would I like to help him get his first book of poetry published. I’ve been begging him to share one with the world for like forever, so it was a call-back and you damn skippy. He was selling at the time and we disconnected and a lady from San Diego County called with a follow-up call to one of the follow-up calls I’ve made regarding old-people benefits and can I receive any, please, as it is money out greater than money in, and remember a week back I rightly said adios to what would have been a pt-time job but coming back from the Keith and County lady talking walk, with beware rattlesnake signs – actually it said they have a right to be here too, they live here, and they’ll leave you alone unless….ha, so I’m back and last night I sent this entirely goofy reply to a Craigslist post about a human service agency with positions, down in San Diego, and I’ve decided I’m going to copy and paste a post I currently have running on CL and you’ll see what I sent which actually got me two replies today. All the more reason to know in my heart the Universe really and truly likes it when you stay active and alive and send all kinds of love and cool thoughts out into the nebula…

Five minutes.

Here’s the copied and pasted –

Hello. I moved to Encinitas July 5 and would like to find a part-time position (10-12 hrs per week max) caring for an adolescent or young adult with a developmental disability, or a ‘troubled’ adolescent in a drop-in/outreach setting. I will be a welcome, positive, experienced contributor to/for any agency offering me an opportunity to serve. I am the father of a 28 year-old son with Down syndrome and the past two years have formally served in the capacity of personal support worker for him during and before the pandemic – employed through an Oregon state Brokerage within the developmental disability system (United Cerebral Palsy). Also trained by the SEIU union. Additionally I have a 30+ year career in human services, serving in a variety of positions, both administrative and direct service, for a number of non-profit agencies, including residential treatment and housing programs for both adolescents and adults. A real strength is my ability to develop quality, genuine relationships with the people I serve. I believe strongly human services need to emphasize the human. Helping to provide – through a caring and respectful relationship – a space for individual growth and increased self-esteem. For a bigger, more joyful life.
I have excellent references, resume upon request, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare.

Still – pretty logy.