Keep the Faith

02/10/2021 2 By BuddyCushman

In the 60’s and in the 70’s you’d often hear someone say to someone else, or hear someone say to you, or hear yourself saying to someone this:

Keep the Faith.




They are an interesting trio of words. Suggestion? Command? Prayer? Encouragement? Blessing? Hope? Soul connection? Some? All? I can hear those three words as I sit here now, this Tuesday, and I hear them, perhaps their echoes, as a joined supporting, a we’re in this together, a we’ll get through this, an I got you, you can do it, you’ll be okay.

I like 60’s “stuff”, that eternal cosmic ambiance somewhere back there on the calendar and alive most days within me. I remain aware of the message. Keep the Faith, Baby. Some days it’s like lacing up roller skates and just gliding along with it. Oh yeah, I’m keeping the faith, Sister. I’m good, Brother. Some days it’s harder. Today a bit. Me, a citizen of these United States. A crazy kid, dragging along all kinds of aches and pains with the hope for a better day. Or, at least another one just as good.

I’ll go with soul connection.

Keep the faith.