keeping on

10/15/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

I’m out here on the patio early, there’s no internet signal in the room I rent. The room I have rented and paid for through next Friday, the 22nd, which is also the date I have long considered as the end to these somewhat infamous Monday through Friday postings. Maybe it’ll go that way, maybe it won’t. Here on the laptop, always a somewhat freaky and less than comfortable device for a desktop kid like me, I’m as far into the planning stages of my life as the next hour. That’s about it. In fact I came out here simply to see if there was a signal to be had, yet when I discovered one, opened the Blog and ran right here to ‘Couch Surfing at 70’ to get something down and done for the day.

The longer plan I do have, with slightly more expansive thinking, is continue picking up and cleaning up and packing up the rented room – which is being shown to the next perspective tenant around me today. The packing and moving thing is a lot, second time in six months, and the fact I don’t feel well feels understandable. I’m weary. I’m not down. I’m not empty of excitement for what may be waiting just around the corner. I’m not not thrilled I woke up again today, cause I am. I’m still here and I’m thinking I have some crazy big plans for when I find myself 25 miles in the direction of Mexico, hopefully permanently next Wednesday or Thursday. No – I remain filled with delight and wonder and the sense of ongoing, ever-present grace. Just a little tired is all.

My hope for today is keep getting “it” together, head over to Moonlight for righteous boogie boarding early afternoon when the weather folks are promising 80 degrees – maybe the last hot day of the year. Then come back and do a few more things and head back down to the beach for the Friday night dinner I’ve had every single week I’ve been here in Encinitas – a veggie burrito at Filiberto’s. Then over to a Moonlight bench with a bag of cashews and a stroll over to D Street, and I promise I’ll be completely alive rejoicing I was allowed to discover and twirl and rejoice in these places. Then back to the rented room and sleep, and if I’m lucky to wake up again tomorrow, another boogie time in the spot of ocean in which I’ve learned to do it, followed by a mid-afternoon cruise down the 5 to SD and Golden Hill and the first of two actual movings of my things. Ima be a Golden Hill kiddo.

It’s good to have goals, I always say, and I have a few the next 48 hours or so, and they all seem to fall very nicely within the ever-fun and delightful milieu of keeping on keeping on.