late Wednesday

10/13/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

when you read this I will be getting ready for, on my way to, in the middle of, or having completed a get-together with a guy down in San Diego proper who responded to the one Craigslist post I was able to slip through the censors, and who said he wanted to talk with me about the potential roommate thing. Sitting here typing this now, I don’t know what will happen.

I can, though, tell you what I hope happens – or has happened by the time you’re reading. I hope he likes me and I like him and his doggy likes me (i.e., not viewed as a fun chew toy), and I hope the space feels like enough for me, the small he described on the phone being relative, and with enough room for my bed and maybe a couple other things, and somewhere to type, which could be in his already lived-in space if that’s cool, or even the Starbuck’s right next door – 15 feet doorway to doorway. What I hope the most is it feels right – like, “yeah, this should happen” right – and we shake hands and I write him a check and I leave from above downtown San Diego later tonight, an October 13th, with a new place to live. A new address. A new life experience directly waiting down the path. Some comfort.

If it goes the way I hope it goes I’ll be farther from the sacred Pacific Ocean than here in Encinitas, but not much farther, and actually a sideways, fun-way to get there through the downtown city and up and over a really big peninsula hill and rolling directly down to Ocean Beach, which I love – with its great sandbar for boogie boarding, its extra special pier for ocean, surfer, and sunset viewing, its wicked funky multi-colored vibe, and a pretty cool eating establishment called Hodad’s – that I may have mentioned once or twice here on the ‘Couch’ before.

Then, here in the Blog Thursday, assuming I find an internet signal through which to work, I’ll let you know. Either I’ll have a new place to live and in which to rejoice still being above ground and at which to continue with expanding my generous life – dig it, sharing the me of me. Or I won’t, and I’ll mostly be back to dangling on the breeze. And yes, there are for sure worse places to be than on the breeze. And also yeah – I’m a little weary of the dangling.