06/03/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Late to the party, ho-hay, I made a thing with myself (vow seems too heavy, commitment too math-like), anyway I told myself I would write my first post from the laptop today – what with the imminent dissembling of the computer, day after tomorrow or next, and I better make sure I can get it done over there on the other side of the table and now it’s past 8:30 tonight and the laptop has been silent since 11 hours ago when I concluded a zoom thing at Encinitas, California. And the day has drained and there have been highs, some glory I believe, the glimmer in the kindness of friendship and the rushing out the door to take in the sweet, early, early morning air. And there have been downs, not so much lows as the visual reminders that much remains to be done in leaving and the clock has little in the way of pity, it’s more a consoling thing….

And if this sounds loose and scattered and you wish you were doing something else, then God bless ya, it’s all good even the very hard stuff, and adventure seems to come through any old door when least expected and it doesn’t ask much beyond my full attention. Which I’m pretty good giving these days.

So Wednesday’s nearly gone and the first laptop Couch Surfer post need wait for another day and I think I might scout out some real early Jefferson Airplane and ease myself into dreamland.