Let’s Party Like It’s 2020

01/01/2020 3 By BuddyCushman

I’m showing up here, this first day of the New Year – this New Decade – to out myself as to intention. My intention going forward, call it primary, numero uno, coming after gushing love for my wife, my kids and family, and the unending wish to stick it to the man and in so doing bring justice and fairness and all things equality back to this country and back to the planet, possibly team up with Mother nature and all. Which is way more than enough words, since what I want to say is going forward – which begins today – I plan to Write Myself Out every day, to sit here at the keyboard and bang my two fingers down again and again in the service of spilling my guts, unedited, with whatever comes to mind for those 17 or 18 or 25 minutes. And then Post It. All over the place. We used to say – “Let it all hang out, Baby.” Which is the goal – letting it all hang out. Because I have the strongest feeling it’s what I’m supposed to do every day I’m lucky enough to crawl out of bed from here on out. And if you like what shows up, cool. If you don’t, okay.

What follows below is a verbatim transcription from today’s “Morning Pages”, my three notebook, hand-written pages I’ve been writing sometime after 7 a.m. every morning since June of 2011. It’s talking about what I’ve written here above, and I guess whatever else popped up in those 20 minutes:


I am feeling amazingly hopeful and energized on this first morning of the new year. And I also had a major “Duh” moment and burned my right arm and hand and wasted good coffee – and it was really good – but it came within the context and result of acting in kindness, so, um, please pay better attention and for sure, keep on keepin’ on.

I think this – this new day, this new year beginning, this new decade even – this calls for putting it all out there all the time – turning myself inside out and spilling it out there, a come what may, because amidst the drool and drivel will be crazed wonder and wonderfulness, and like an alchemist creating gold from stuff and nothings all the time. So I am thrilled and excited, and I honest to God honestly feel like great and wondrous and helpful to the planet creativity is a-waiting on me right here and now. I gotta suit up and show up and tell my truth and it’ll be goodness pouring out. This I swear is true. And running out (and on) just like this, which is a reminder that I can do timed practice writing regularly – yes, at Papaccino’s, my coffee shop – and become a character there and drink good coffee in the process, which I can afford.

And now set bigger goals for myself, and the knowings of what will make me happy, because I know I can reach them and I know in my heart and, sure, my head, the joy is in the journey. And Lord knows we need enthusiasm and enthusiastic people to cheerlead us all forward going higher with kindness and acceptance and compassion and general really liking people, places, and things. And, oh yes, it’ll be “Green Onions” as the song of the day on this first day as it is all layered time and the then and the now of me is what i want to be putting out there big time going and moving forward. And never forgetting to be chuckling all along the way. Even when sticking it to the man. (Especially then.)

And I do feel bright and enthused and electric and ready to give it all I’ve got – this is a New Year Manifesto I guess, and all I can do is all I can do. And for sure that’s a whole lot of good.