08/07/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I’m about 20 minutes from walking out the apartment door, locking up, getting in the Camry and rolling my way over to the closest parking spot on Long Branch to Tower 4 and the beach beyond, my plan to take three or four deep, possibly delaying breaths and then run into the chilly Pacific for the first time this year, boogie board in my arms, and hope for something like muscle memory to keep me afloat – and if I’m really lucky – catch a few waves.

Plus I just created a small watercolor-paper painting right here in “my office”, all kinds of precautions and safekeepings and acrylic paint beginning to dry out, and I was hoping for some interesting stuff this Monday, and for all I know, maybe there’ll be something like reporting here tomorrow. A yesterday once more.

If I’m lucky.