maps and stuff

09/28/2022 4 By BuddyCushman

The phrase “windows being thrown open” showed up in my Morning Pages earlier today. I really like that phrase. It offers experiential responses. I can visualize windows being thrown open. I can hear windows being thrown open. I can feel windows being thrown open. And I get to dance off in wonder of what’s out beyond those now-open windows. The phrase just showed up. Stuff shows up.

Then, yesterday I was having a conversation with one of the baristas from the next-door coffee shop. I was asking his opinion about a decision I was considering. I told him that these days almost all the decisions I make I make all by myself. So, every once in a while it feels like a good thing to get another thought or two. While we were talking it came to me that going one way and not the other with this decision may have a quality of coming upon a treasure map. And how cool are treasure maps! Like, say, for the Goonies. Never mind, of course, me and Astoria go way back.

Maybe that’s why “windows being thrown open” strolled into my Pages earlier. Like, it’s possible, just out beyond a window which will be thrown open if I make this particular decision – right out there just beyond what I can see from “here” – there’s a treasure map. What if scrolled on it is, “Thar be dragons”? What if scrolled on it is, “Gypsies not allowed”? What if there’s no map at all? Just more out there.