maybe happy there too

07/12/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

Maybe _____ _____ would want to re-up a long-ago almost romance with me and I move in and crash in Arlington (Mass), I’d do the Mystic River path and the big walk around the Mystic Lake, walking replacing long-ago runs, fall colors and everything. Point being, there’s not a clue what’s out there other than shimmering possibilities and stuff beyond this mood today, and I’ll be happy wherever, the same happiness wherever I land. Just with different party masks and favors.

I probably couldn’t have imagined moving Spenser and me and all those journeys to Joyce’s garage and crashing at Kate’s and driving down to Encinitas – Encinitas !! – or being here in Golden Hill, boogie boarding in the Pacific. All that stuff just happened. It’s keeping on keeping on, no other, skipping into the party with wide-awake tingling bells, and wild parrot giggles, and flowers always saying, “Hey.”