merging with

03/19/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

Monday was a day speckled with wonders and generosities, nature, sparkly clean windows, graces and graces and graces. And a breathtaking after-the-meditation sunset over the Pacific, caught sideways searching for parking, and flat-out bedazzling seen through the rear-view climbing the hill of the 8 away from the beach. Even then, the sense of having missed – and not missed – something special, rolling on to find my favorite, ain’t no one like her, coffee barista at Starbucks in Vons on the way back to Hillcrest – getting “Drip, paper filter” just right – she’s got the closing shift. And there’s this sense that good fortune and the opportunity to say please and thank you hovered close from 2am on. All through the day.