mess of help

07/02/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

Yesterday afternoon I told Ann I had spent two, two-hour periods of time working to set this Blog up for its new persona the middle of this month, and had not made one inch of progress. She asked me if I’d learned anything, and I said no. Maybe half an hour later I said, yeah, I had learned something. This – there are things I cannot do by myself.

If you look at the “Other Stuff” page up there under the photo of Oakland, you’ll see I reference The Beach Boys song, “You Need a Mess of Help To Stand Alone.” Yesterday was just another of the 10,000 examples in this life of mine reminding me of that fact. And how great is it, really? This human quality of asking for help, and receiving help.

Somedays it seems to me like we are not all in this together. And yet, how can that not be the case? Crazy granite planet – shared space. Same oxygen. So, I’ll poke around and see who may be able to help me with what I don’t know, perhaps barter a few of my books and greeting and note cards for an hour of someone’s time.

Then, in a “To thine own self be true” acceptance, I can focus on what I do know, even feel pretty good about – My writing. Being a writer, and here and there coming up with words which encourage. Which may even help someone else. Someone like you.