metaphor monkey

08/18/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I wouldn’t say it’s (so much) welcoming a hurricane as accepting an invitation to hunker down. Weather doing for me what I (seemingly) cannot do for myself. Likely also the opportunity to overdose on coffee. Which is what they made reading glasses for. Wisdom gates. It’s a cool image. Passing through wisdom gates before me, and wisdom gates behind me. No worries at all regards what brought me here. Two inches of rain in August, and a laughing library card. Even amidst all this, the big three (head) tests are complete, and I get to think of my old friend Doug – like always – who’d call from the other side of the continent and simply say, “Bud. Thompson Twins.” Where that trio had this to say regards the realm of medical conclusions – “Doctor, Doctor, can’t you see I’m burning, burning?”

And back to the hurricane – what’s the fascination with scary weather? Perhaps there’s a book (with an answer) in the Logan Heights library. And if nothing else this morning, I know where to find my library card. See – it’s easy to come across as a wicked smart guy when you get up at 2:10. Which, if that’s (this) the Blog, men with butterfly nets may appear. Good thing I’ll be off and running in my pink Cadillac. The one waving its hands (at me) at the auction.

It’s true – when you think about it – what ain’t a wisdom gate?