Morning Conversation

10/19/2019 8 By BuddyCushman

You have to look between the rain.

Between the rain?

Right. Look at those places between the rain. That’s where you celebrate.


Right, in those places between the rain you celebrate – maybe you dance, maybe you bow nine times, maybe you write a letter to the editor of whatever it is you read and say today you saw between the rain and you celebrated.

A letter?

A story, I guess, the one only you could write. About your celebration. About how you are able to look between the rain, where it lightens up, and celebrate that. Because you can. All the rain doesn’t take that away, it doesn’t take away how you can see between the rain, and it doesn’t – really, it can’t – take away your celebrations.

That’s all well and good, and why bother?

Because it is all well and good. I don’t know if the rain is bad, but, it’s rain. Which means there will always be places between the rain. If our eyes still work we can see them, all our senses really – hearing, touching. And that is acting well. Being well, say as opposed to morose. Which is good, instead of the other. All well and good. And thinking about that, more to celebrate.

I don’t follow.

I don’t think it’s a question of following, so much as Being. It’s noticing and it’s noticing the noticing, so you celebrate what you notice – the places and spaces between the rain – and you celebrate that you can celebrate. They’ll never take that away, the right to celebrate. The opportunity. The ability. And all because you get to look between the rain.

So, how does it help?

It helps to bring the energy of celebration, just that all by itself, and it helps to recharge because the recharging gets us out of bed in the morning and rubs the sleep from our eyes.

And then we get to see between the rain, right? That’s what you are saying?

Yup. Our recharged, clear-eyed, celebrating selves go out into the day and get to see between the rain. Again, and then again. And, best of all, it’s because we want to. We want to see between the rain, that by itself, and at the same time we want to know we can. We want to remember that we can celebrate when we do.

We want to remember that we can celebrate?

We do get up, we do wipe the sleep out of our eyes, we do step or roll or limp or run out into the day, once again, and we do because we can – because we can see between the rain. And we celebrate what we see. And we celebrate our seeing. And our celebrating.

Do you see?