my heart come all undone

09/17/2021 1 By BuddyCushman

Internet’s been off in my room most of the day – this will be quick.

I came up from the beach and a sweet boogie boarding session to the Moonlight parking lot, which was closed to parking so as to provide space for a show of restored and absolutely knock-out beautiful woodies. You know, station wagon shaped-vehicles with wood side paneling. You know – “In my woody I will take you everywhere I go.”

One of my three all-time favorite songs – “Surfer Girl” – and favorite lines. And there I was, in a collective of wood-paneled beauties.

The idea hung with me. Take your sweetie and go for a ride. Drive anywhere, just that image, lovers in a car cruising together. Out for a ride. One of life’s gifts.

If you have a sweetie, treat yourself right. Get in the car. Wood on the side or not.

I would. Everywhere I go.