night school

06/26/2024 2 By BuddyCushman

“Well, you’ve certainly got us into a pickle this time, Ollie.” Or something like that. You probably had to be there. (‘Laurel and Hardy’)

There is much going on, with changes hovering all about. The great welcoming hello of possibility, and abundance. I have clear thoughts about creating a new Blog, one with a paid subscription, as a diminishing source of income is as real as the marine layer off the ocean this morning. I’ve scooted myself back to ‘school’, I can say, with a thousand YouTube videos, trying to drag myself into a semblance of current technology – with the proposed Blog – and last night did a bunch of things here to demonstrate my amazing new level of understanding, and now can’t see previous posts and am not sure I can publish this one, and stuff is weird and for all I know broken all over the place, and I may have to turn around and walk back toward where I was, hoping that at least some of it will be revealed, step by step. A pickle.

Please let me know if you receive this post. In the reply with your email, send me a text or call me up if you have that number, a carrier pidgeon even. The fact is my mind feels wide open and spacious to all sorts of wicked cool possibilities, invitations, and my skillset for bringing fun ideas into reality is running far, far behind.