not picking and choosing

01/12/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

Yesterday, Thursday, I found myself in someone’s office listening to her story of dealing with a serious situation in her role as a foster parent. I listened and listened, and because I know a few things about “the system” – how it works and when it doesn’t work so well – I encouraged her, strongly, to make a request for help and support crystal clear to those running that show. Before leaving I encouraged her to call me anytime if she wasn’t getting the help she needed from where it ought to be coming.

This is exactly the same story as the piece here in couchsurfingat70 yesterday morning. Each morning I ask to be wide open to all the offers from the day, and then be present when they show up. One day it’s a lovely story of helping someone find a loving anniversary card for her spouse. The next, a much darker tale of fear and safety and the sense of being all alone. A noontime story and a midnight story.

There’s a Zen Koan which pretty much says our days – my day – works just fine when I don’t pick and choose. Just let it come to me, and be there when it does. Not picking what kind of help is requested from me. Just suiting up and showing up with an “How can I be of help?” offer.

Like they say – Be a lamp unto this world.