not so cowardly lion

11/10/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

I like it a lot when I get this feeling, like golden opportunities await me here and now, kid, something like, “These next five days offer me the chance to really make something happen, truly move forward with and on and for my most important goals and dreams, wishes and (even) fantasies right there a street over”, which is how I woke this morning, still junky with germs and coughs and nasal declarations, but on the mend and so more energy for the most important stuff. Eyes on the prize days, and I felt it some last night on return to Golden Hill, even as I staggered through the back lot with sensations of powerful dizziness (?) And here I am this morning, waking up and already all-in on creating truly amazing forward motion for my world of dreams, practical stuff and daydreams and potentials just right there beyond my fingertips, just stretch, Bro, move those cranky old muscles, make the magic happen, kid.

Yeah, that’s how I woke today and the ‘To Do’ list is long and growing and I’d like to see that every time I cross something off as done – say, example, watering all the plants on the little patio which means bringing them in one at a time to the kitchen sink for safe and respectful watering, and bring them back out, placed lovingly (spiritually) in their familiar spots, when that’s complete and I cross it off the list cause I did it, right then I add (to the list) two more important acts to take and dreams to follow with specific actions today. So, it’s kind of the opposite of Springsteen’s “One step forward two steps back”, it’s one step forward, now here’s the treasure map for two more steps forward, chase your tail, kitty cat, the next indicated and right thing, and it’s a yearning I have (right now) leaning over the keyboard. I know there’s things I sort of scheduled with potential lamp-and-chair-sellers on FB marketing which aren’t right up at the front of the brain and I’ll peek back at messages and say, oh yeah, there you go, add it, and the list grows while it shrinks and man oh man, I live like this today and whatever germs remain will be so overshadowed by a day of righteous progress –

And of course, when you have a pure heart and make moves with some aura of grace about, the planet gets saved a bit more. (In fact), if I was made ultimate powerful benevolent ruler of the earth I’d command that everyone who gets the gift of simply waking up again has it on their personal ‘To Do’ list to do something that day, consciously and lovingly, to save the planet. No passing go, and as ruler I could decide what that meant, nothing cruel, more like some wandering about endlessly in a world of “Huh?” – Anyway, you only get the now-I-lay-me-down-to-sleep thing again once the box of saving the planet’s checked off. Yeah, make me the king and all the wrong stuff will begin being fixed in the moment, and that’ll be on my ‘To Do’ list every time I wake up to ultimate ruler-hood. Make the planet kinder and gentler.

But, all I’ve got is my own little list today, little in it’s just me, something else because it’s growing and the new math of check one off add two means it ain’t all that little, nor will it be, oh I don’t know, maybe ever again, if I get inspired and as some cats say, rocketed into the fourth dimension, which is a fun image even in a crusty old manual.