not so much

05/24/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

I woke up at 1am today, couldn’t fall back asleep. It’s been that way all week. They say, “No one ever died from a lack of sleep.” I haven’t heard it said, “Doesn’t mean you can’t pass for psychotic pretty darn easily, kid.” This morning I pulled myself out of bed at 1:45 and began doing the things I do each morning I’m fortunate enough to wake again – whatever time the clock is giggling.

I go through periods at times where my brain wakes up, looks around, says “Nah”, and falls right back alseep. This is not one of those periods. I’m scheduled to work three hours with Briana at the library this morning. Sometimes I fall alseep in a comfortable upstairs chair during her 15-minute morning break. Just for a few secs here and there. Playing catchup. This is some of my life in this 75-plus-year time, and this week specifically.

Drifitng clouds in the San Diego sky, when it’s light, are white. The street cat named Bobbie is looking pretty funky these days, and that makes me sad. I haven’t been sleeping much.