of value

07/10/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

I’ve been wondering out loud here about what I have to offer of value – why invest precious time and energy and possibly money to read what’s posted here. Each of these weekday posts. And beyond this Blog, as I race toward a time of near-retirement and what feels like a vow of poverty: what can I offer up that someone else may find of value?

Yesterday I posted a little thing about childhood in my hometown, and time spent at a beach there. The whole milieu of creatures and beauty and the wonder of the way it was. I copied and pasted the post on my Facebook page, which I do every once in a while. I also copied and pasted the post, with its two pictures, on my hometown’s Facebook page – “Wareham, Massachusetts: The Greatest Town On Earth.” As of this Wednesday writing 154 people have “Liked” my post there.

There have also been 10 “Likes” on my FB page, and it’s a fact that 164 “Likes” on any and everything I post (and have ever posted) is more than in any six-month period since I signed up on FB in February of 2009. Nevermind 60-plus comments. It appears there was something of value in yesterday’s post.

What was it? A reasonance of particular childhood memories? Something about a simpler, less messy period of time? A collective celebration of the joy we get to have in our lives – simply by being here? I can’t say for sure, but it’s fun to wonder.

I do encourage you, if you have a few minutes and are active on Facebook, to search for the “Wareham” site and read through those comments. They are incredibly heart-warming. And affirming of us as a race offering value to our planet simply by our showing up. And celebrating a while.