01/12/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

Walking the talk is an interesting process. Isn’t it?

Lately, maybe the last six to eight weeks, I’ve been adding this request to the morning on-my-knees prayers – “Please help me be wide open to the offers from this day.” All of them. As the Zen Koan says, “The Great Way is not difficult when it does not pick and choose.” And like I recently read, “Compassion comes when we don’t flee.” Even, I’m thinking, not fleeing from ourselves. In my case – me.

This morning, very early, the day offered a sweet, loving change in schedule, Ann and I laying aside for the moment our regular routines, sitting there, her two big chairs, drinking coffee, sharing fun and sometimes slightly deranged stories. Each of our own. Everything else simply waited, and it was such a lovely space in which to just be. Maybe an hour and 15 minutes later I walked back to my car, started the engine, and glowing on the dash was the “Check engine” light. First time in the four years I’ve owned the car. Another offer from the day.

Who knows what it will mean – money, changing plans? I’ll tell you, I have the last few days seen with these eyes and heard with these ears sorrow and sadness and misfortune so, so far beyond car trouble, all I can do is bow to the day. Again. Thanks for these offers, Thursday. I’m still here to receive them, and aware that the Great Way really isn’t all that difficult. When I do not bother its traffic. And hang on to my grateful heart.