oh, come on

04/07/2022 2 By BuddyCushman

like, Dude, I’m 73 and I’m still here and nearly all my stuff save for some plastic teeth is original, parts by Mopar, kind of, and so many of the most important Sangha members of the me of me are long gone off the physical planet, least as these two eyes can see, and I got to get up today, in fact I got to get up twice, so interesting at 1:20 or so I talked myself to throw off the covers and not dally and looked to see if I had fallen back asleep and it was three hours before my waking up, getting up time, so was it a dream, does that time mean something? like 1:20 or maybe it was 1:28, which of course is a road I’ve driven so much and hitchhiked a fair share too, in fact with one of those Sangha cats, I’m thinking, up and down the 3 for certain, and maybe I’m driving 128 again one of these days, and the 3 again and 6 again and 6A again and 28, the path unfolds moment by moment, as of right here now I’m looking forward to serious boogie boarding,

Like, when is it ever not keeping on keeping on?

and has there ever been any doubt in some of these lives I was a mostly wild chick? Oh, come on.

It’s all too beautiful.