on a breeze

11/15/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Okay, Monday, it’s a good bet I’ll be able to sleep under both comforters tonight, having kicked the top one off in the heat of the last three days.

It began Friday when I dropped Chris at the airport, when I continued up over the peninsula and down into a used furniture store where a solid gold floor lamp called my name and I bought it, left there in a corner with a red “Sold” tag and me on to Dog Beach and into the Pacific to practice boogie board(ing). Then out walking a long time in hopes my bathing suit would dry completely (neither act – boogie(ing), drying) entirely successful – though both sweet.

And today I’ve read and drank coffee and sat in an easy chair under illumination from the gold floor lamp, which now occupies a small sacred space within my rented room on B Street. And my today mind, with this early activity, has lifted up like an orange balloon adrift on the Moonlight Beach breeze.

I’m lucky for all of it.