pieces of April

03/30/2023 1 By BuddyCushman

For the weekdays in the month of April I’m going to try for something different here in the Blog. As of right here today, Thursday, March winding down, I’ll describe the entries I plan to post every April Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, as “Lateral stories”.

Perhaps, if time allows in the coming days of whatever week we’re in, I’ll discuss my thinking – or, hopefully, lack of it – a bit more. The what and the why.

I’ve been happy with couchsurfingat70 the last couple of months. My internal experience has been one of journaling in public, with built-in permissions to be a little goofy, even poetic at times. Remaining opinion-free. Mostly observation – flowers, birds and moons in the sky, rain puddles and car rides. Koans giggling in the meditation hall. Coming to the Blog as treasure chest opening.

The point being, this plan for out-of-the-ordinary April postings isn’t an attempt to revitalize, re-energize, re-juice the Blog. It feels okay as is. Kind of cool. Rather, this idea of nothing but “Lateral stories” showed up in a sacred brainstorm last Friday — there’s me, deeply “under the weather”, sitting in the sun at an outdoor table at the Kensington neighborhood Starbucks. Madly scribbling. Waiting for Ann.

Generally, I feel a call to honor the ideas and suggestions which show up in these brainstorms. This particular honoring hopefully appears within the words falling out – sideways, and not simply down – with every April post.

See how it goes.