planet material

05/26/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

Tuesday, on my morning walk, I saw four bunny rabbits and four Buddhas. If there’s some math equation or self-congratulations for all that Zen, you could fool me. I tried the math thing earlier – like third grade – and it’s eight plus one (ooh, spooky – He who sees). It’s more about simply being out there in the world and bringing better attention for what that’s like. All the sights (hi bunnies) and sounds (never-ending chorus of birds) and smells (that dude walking on the sidewalk in front of me, cigarette all fired up), the feeling of walking, the difference Tuesday, when some of the walk was on concrete sidewalk. And some of the walk was on the tar of the street. And lots of that particular walk was on sand and dirt, the large circumference around the Balboa Men’s Golf Club (what the sign says), and close by brush nearly all the way around. Where it turns out it’s way more likely to see a rabbit or four and hear 419 birds than, say, along the salt water on North Harbor Drive, or out on the OB pier, or even standing in line at Hodad’s. Though – fact check – there are cool things to see in that line.

So, I ditched the (earlier) math post – which was very short and felt for the most part unnecessary, like how will this help the planet? And here, bopping away on the keys – left index, right index, dance , dance ,dance – this one about bringing attention to the day, the gratitude implicit, and the very cool feeling of walking on dirt when that chance presents itself. Well, this feels just a bit more like planet material.