09/07/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

In a piece I read earlier, that was something about how we – as humans – move through the day, I came upon this sentence, which winked up at me and suggested, “Check this out.” This sentence – “It’s a radical deconstruction of what you’re sure of — your hard won assumptions about life, habits of mind, and usual sense of yourself — so that the world as it actually is, rather than the stories you tell about the world, becomes increasingly visible.”

In a comment to a previous post here, it was suggested that what I write is like me writing in a diary: a diary where the pages are always open for anyone ambling along who feels like looking. I wasn’t sure if the comment was meant as a criticism, but I took it as a fabulous compliment. Yay!! Over time I’ve lost most of my opinions, I’m not trying to convince anybody of anything. This is just a space which I buy and pay for, that I get to write stuff in. Kind of like….um….Dear Diary.

So the sentence quoted above knocked me out earlier. A radical deconstruction of what I’m sure of. How “It” is, versus how I tell myself “It” is. That is really far out (60’s “Far out” as wicked fabulous) for me, here this Thursday morning, where I have come again to play with a few words.