possibly stoic

12/13/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

One of the things I find especially cool about Bobbie are the expressions on his cat face. Or lack of expressions. Very Zen – seeing what’s to see, just this ‘right here’ in the affairs of the planet right now. No comment. One day I was talking from the sidewalk with the homeowner in her yard, early for the library shift, and Bobbie came from someplace amidst shrubs and decorations and rubbed his fairly mangy body back and forth against her legs, the way you’ve probably seen cats give love to humans for most of your time here. Behavior way out of the constant of the Bobbie day-to-day milieu, at least as I’ve seen it so far.

Here’s another thing about Bobbie. He will never be confused with the Cheshire Cat. Ever. A kind of friend I have from the meditation meeting in OB sent me, out of the blue, a text the other morning talking about some cat (the human kind) deep into a life of stoicism. I read it, sent her a thanks, and later that morning realized that stoic could be a pretty good description of Bobbie’s nearly-always face.

Maybe Bobbie has lots of feelings about what or who he’s staring at, and doesn’t show them. Maybe he has no feelings, and just notices. Like the Buddha saying, “I see you Mara.” I don’t know. I don’t need to know. I like Bobbie’s face just the way it is. A dad on the sidewalk you’ll soon meet (tomorrow) jumped to conclusions about who Bobbie was based on his presentation – his face to the world. The man’s daughter said she knew what he (Bobbie) needed. Somewhere beyond those points of view lies the land of Bobbie. He hasn’t felt the slightest need to share about this with me, one way or another, on my passings by. Not so far, anyway. That’s cool.